TeleTest: Now LegitScript Certified

Navigating the digital realm of online pharmacy services can raise questions. You might be wondering, "Is TeleTest legit?" or "Is it possible to skip the doctor and get my prescription online?" With an overwhelming number of options online, some of which may not be safe nor credible, it is wise to be cautious.

Google Reviews

Since launching in July of 2021, we have served over 25,000 patients. Our google reviews has stayed at a consistent 4.9 rating which is a testament to the quality healthcare we provide all our patients. We encourage you to visit our Google profile to read through the reviews yourself.

Prescription Medication

At TeleTest, our goal is to simplify healthcare. As treatment is core to that process, we offer prescriptions online so that patients can go directly to the pharmacy without waiting at a clinic. To ensure patients receive the proper and adequate diagnosis, the consultation is always with a CPSO-certified doctor. Today, as part of our continued commitment to safety and standards, TeleTest has acquired LegitScript's certification for telemedicine providers.

What is LegitScript Certification?

LegitScript Certification represents a hallmark of trust, signifying that a platform, like TeleTest, has undergone rigorous scrutiny to ensure compliance with relevant regulations. This certification is only awarded to entities that demonstrate a commitment to prioritizing patient care. Whether it is us or any other healthcare provider, be sure to look for the LegitScript seal at the bottom of the page; this ensures you are transacting with a compliant telemedicine platform. At TeleTest, patient safety is our paramount concern, and we are dedicated to continuously refining our practices to guarantee a secure and reliable experience for our users.

Who Writes My Prescriptions?

All medications are prescribed by licensed physicians, ensuring a standard that aligns with traditional healthcare facilities. We take pride in our medical team's diligence, making sure our assessments are comprehensive and in line with in-person evaluations. All medications have been approved by Health Canada and are the same as what you would get at any standard pharmacy. Every piece of information you provide undergoes meticulous review. If you're curious about our team, their profiles (you have to be logged in) are available on our website.

If you're considering an online approach to prescriptions, TeleTest is here as a resource for information and services.