<1 min.
Select Area of Concern Choose the panel that is closest to your primary concern.
<1 min.
Virtual Care Assessment Complete a short form to see if virtual care is appropriate for you.
~2 min.
Account Details Personal info that we're required to ask to order your tests.
<1 min.
Find Location Choose a nearby lab. If required, you'll attend the lab in person to provide a sample.
<1 min.
Checkout TeleTest charges a fee for messaging. If eligible, OHIP covers the costs of the lab tests.
~2 min.
Medical History You'll complete a medical history form which is reviewed by one of our physicians.
~5 min.
Intake Conversation (Secure Messaging) Before tests or treatment a short secure messaging conversation is required.
A link will appear in your portal when a physician is available.
If no physician is available, a link to schedule an appointment will appear.
2-7 days
Results If lab tests are required, online results will be available in 2-5 days via our online portal.
Medication & Treatment If necessary, a physician will contact you to prescribe medication or help with treatment at no additional cost.

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